De Foam IT 3.8L

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Where to Use

Defoam-it is ready to use and requires no dilution. Use wherever foam build-up may be a problem. Specially designed for use with water extraction rug cleaning units to break down foam caused by residual shampoo left in the rug after normal cleaning methods. An excellent defoamer for use in wet vacuums or automatic scrubbers when used to pick up foaming detergents.


• Water-dispersible silicone.

• Concentrated.

• Economical.

• Extends product coverage.

• Versatile.

• Non-flammable.

• Non-corrosive.

• Low toxicity.

• Safe to use.

• Time and labor saving.

Directions for Use

Ready to use. No dilution required.

When foam level builds up in pick-up tank on units, add 1-2oz (30-60 ml) Defoam-it to tank. Repeat as often as necessary.

For water extraction units, performance may be increased by spraying 1- 2oz (30-60ml) of Defoam-it directly into the pick-up hose.

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