Combat Degreaser 3.8L

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Where to Use COMBAT is made from naturally derived citrus oil and contains no petroleum solvents. The citrus oil used is a powerful, fully biodegradable* solvent. A safe, unique formula that cuts through heavy grease accumulation with ease. Also dissolves away rubber tire marks on concrete.


• No nonyl phenol ethoxylates

• Low toxicity solvent

• Safe on all hard surfaces

• Non acidic • Biodegradable*

• Completely versatile

• No obnoxious fumes

• Economical

Directions for Use

For use on: Vehicles, Floors, Grease, Baked on Soil, Fats and Oils. Cosmoline, Carbon, Heavy Sludge, Work Bays, Tire Marks, Machine Parts, Print Stains.

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